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group exhibition

09/09/2021 - 10/08/2021

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Anna Matos, Gallery Director                                          September 1, 2021     




BRONX, NEW YORK (SEPTEMBER 1, 2021) – As the summer comes to a close, WALLWORKS NEW YORK is proud to present our next exhibition, re-START, a group exhibition of what we like to call our core group of artists to re-open the gallery space.


After what has been a tumultuous and uncertain 18 months for New York City and the world, WALLWORKS NEW YORK is pushing through with a collection of work from our roster of artists, whom have all found a way to thrive in these hard times. TATS CRU veteran artists Bio, Nicer and BG183 each present their own solo works in re-START, proving that this Bronx collective are one of the most consistent voices in the Graffiti scene, and have their own incredibly distinctive styles. Steph Burr and Br163 represent a younger voice in the contemporary art scene—Burr’s style of layered imagery of nostalgia is on full display in her featured work Emojis, while Br163 showcases his character Mr. Wonderful in various colors and methods. While they are still emerging, they each have an incredibly unique and recognizable quality. And works from French artist MIST and German artist MadC represent the long-reaching inspiration of Graffiti abroad.


These different voices of Graffiti in the contemporary art scene all come together in similar color stories and form—proving that there is a unifying thread between them all, from a suburban Connecticut artist to a young Bronx-bred kid, to an old-school Graffiti collective, to mid-level artists from the 90’s European graff scene. re-START seeks to showcase this unifying thread and re-introduce people to what WALLWORKS NEW YORK is all about—art from the neighborhood and for the neighborhood.     


re-START opening on September 9, 2021 with a free, limited ticketed reception. Tickets will be available on Eventbrite. The exhibition will run until October 8, 2021. Appointments recommended for attending during exhibition run.


In compliance with Key to NYC, we will be requiring proof of vaccination for opening reception (Excelsior pass or vaccination card). We are not liable for authenticating any proof of vaccination.